Television/Theatrical Demo

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Clip One - Truth - Lifetime Television Network

Clip Two - The Prophet's Game - York Entertainment

Clip Three - Borderline Normal - Lifetime Television Network

Clip Four - VIP - USA Television Network

Clip Five - Stop The World, I Want To Get Off - A&E

Clip Six - Prison of Secrets - Lifetime Television Network

Stage Demo

Stephen Sondheim's A Little Night Music opposite Mark Jacoby and
Teri Ralston.  The clip features Stephanie with Mark performing
"You Must Meet My Wife." 

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Voice Demo

Queen of the Underworld
 by Gail Godwin - 2006

Emma Gant is an eager young reporter just out of college,
who lands a job at a Miami paper in 1959 and makes her way through a landscape populated by scheming journalists, Jewish mobsters, Cuban exiles, a schmalzy ex-beauty queen, and the
former madam of an "elite island whorehouse."

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